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3 in 1 wireless charging base
The perfect mobile docking station for your desk, bedside table, now you can make your life simpler! Why choose our 3 in 1 wireless charger? 1. Organized and tidy Our wireless charging pad for Apple devices can charge iPhone/iWatch/AirPods at the same time with only one USB Type C charging cable, get rid of tangled wires for charging and playing, and keep your desk neat and tidy. 2. Fully wireless remote charging with True Technology Our charging station for Apple devices is a true wireless remote charging station, it can charge your mobile phone, watch and earphone by connecting, no need to wind up extra wires. Fit and comfortable, the little thing that increases the feeling of happiness, is the thing you want...
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Car wireless charger
15W magnetic wireless charging, high power, automatic charging. It can provide more effective and stable absorption. I have tested the suction performance, capacity and drum well. Even in very bad conditions, the contact surface of the bracket is made of rubber cushions. Qi fast charging stand provides 4 power standards: 15W / 10W / 7.5W / 5W, automatically adapts to different powers in order to provide the phone with the required charge, fast and safe charging of your device. Air adsorption contains rare earth magnets, the longest adsorption period, efficacy and stability You can use one hand to put the phone into the charging platform and automatic absorption, you can hold the phone and the viewing angle can be adjusted at random, which makes driving more comfortable...
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wireless charger
Sleek, ultra-slim, lightweight and simple This wireless charging pad has only 0.24 inch ultra-thin design, comfortable grip, and it is very light and you can put it everywhere. Comes with a USB A to USB C charging cable (wall charger is not included), easy to put into purses, pockets, handbags and travel bags. It doesn't take up any space note: 1. Comes with a data cable that supports 15W, you need to use a charging head that supports 15W to get the best 15W charging effect 2. Cell phone cases (less than 6mm thick) such as rubber, ultra-hybrid, plastic, TPU, PC, etc; Metals, magnetic objects or credit cards interfere with the charging process, please remove them before charging Informative and sleep-friendly indicator Charge the device effectively..
Ex Tax:SR.110.00
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